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Sorry I am late, there have been a ton of things (some not so great) going on, but better late than never! This is my first time participating in a Petite Fashion Challenge, and my first real foray as an active participant into the petite community (aside from the AN forum). 

The challenge was to brighten up winter blahs, and typically I do not ever wear business-y clothes, but here is my attempt. I don't think, as a prospective teacher, I will ever find myself in business suits and the like, so here's my chance to put that kind of an outfit together.

I love my blue silk BR top as it is flowy and comfortable though I often throw it over skinny jeans. I decided to accentuate the color of the top with a gold long necklace from BR (instead of a long strand of pearls) and leave my other accessories in simple black. I also switched shoes after seeing the pictures (going from grey suede to black).

I must apologize for the lack of quality photos - this is the first time I've used the self-timer on my Canon SD880is. I'll get the hang of it soon - promise!

What do you think readers, is this work appropriate?


Top: Banana Republic (XSP)
Pants: Gap Hepburn (00P)
Shoes: grey suede platform pumps Boutique 9 (size 6)
              black patent pumps Franco Sarto (size 6) 
Watch: black leather Skagen
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAB
Necklace: Banana Republic

03/06/2011 13:39

You look very polished and classic in this outfit and the bright blue really makes it pop! =) Stay active with the petite community...we don't bite!

01/25/2012 07:37

will come back before long

01/28/2012 20:33

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03/23/2012 12:54

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05/30/2012 23:16

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