Etcetera, J

In honor of this month's 4th fete, I have compulsively contributed to Uncle Sam in the form of sales taxes. That is, numerous sales (free shipping!) coupled with stress has resulted in five(!) orders currently being shipped to my home. I want to say that I've scored big in terms of savings, yet my bank account is showing that I have moved farther away from eradicating my debt. I've not even mentioned my in-store gains. I also want to say that I'll most likely I'll find something wrong with some of the items and return them, but really, they were so on sale. I suppose I could refrain from unnecessary purchases through August...

Exhibit 1: Juicy Couture Rose Wish Necklace (in gold)               retail price: $48                                         Neiman Marcus sale price: $27                    minus me (with tax): $29.50

Anyhow, I mentioned that I have been under quite a bit of stress. I have been unhappy with my job (as un-exhilarating as it is), but mostly more so with some of my crummy coworkers. If we didn't happenchance upon each other in the governmental dungeon of my workplace, we definitely would not be friends or even acquaintances in real life (you know, the life that occurs not there). For the time being, I must stick it out. I am also taking an online summer UCSC extension course which is far more time consuming than I expected nor want it to be. I am stuck writing, at minimum, a four page paper every week through the end of August. Barf.

For the fourth, we had a mostly lovely time at his boss' home in the lake estates area a bit south of us. I think that it's only fair that we celebrate some holidays with peoples of his choice (especially since my family had no gathering slated). I was able to wear my new Ann Taylor Loft petite layered ruffle top (a $17 score), along with green cargo bermudas and my Sam Edelman Daisy sandals. We finished off the holiday weekend with a trip to the Alameda County Fair at which I won us a goldfish (named Gershwin) who died the next day.

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